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  • Noded 0.13.0 with Tone Vays

    Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard chat with Tone Vay about Bitcoin market trends and some of the latest drama and hijinks in the Bitcoin world.

  • Noded 0.12.0 with Alex Bosworth

    Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard do a deep dive with Alex Bosworth into the world of Lightning App development.

  • Noded 0.11.0 with Trace Mayer

    Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard have an in-depth discussion with Trace Mayer about the philosophy of Bitcoin and the importance of hodlers of last resort.

  • Noded 0.10.0 with Murch

    Michael Goldstein Pierre Rochard chat with Murch about coin selection algorithms.

  • Noded 0.9.0 with Jameson Lopp

    Pierre Rochard has a freewheeling conversation with Jameson Lopp about everything Bitcoin.